January 15, 2014

The catwalk tigers! 2013’s top earning top models

Some top models really are trouble for no one! Be it their expert posing in front of Karl Lagerfeld’s camera in a Chanel shooting, breathtaking smile from a Sports Illustrated cover or lending wings to a Victoria’s Secret runway! Because their rates, smaller or million-dollar and amounting to dozens of million annually in the accounts of the most multilaterally – fashion, advertising and business – developed among them are but minor investments that revitalise the cycle of their supermodel profile, then cashing in, at its very opportune turn, into the paying clients’ sales.

What, didn’t you know models are paid like CEOs? Status is perfectly proportional with the value of the contract. So, the 6 angels among Forbes’ top 10 are grateful for their heaven IDs, and Victoria’s Secret and their other bookers are grateful for Gisele’s contracts with Pantene, H&M and her own sandals collection, for Miranda’s success for Quantas, Mango and Kora, her skincare line, for Kate, Versace and Playboy, for Liu and Estée Lauder!

But let’s join in the excitement and see 2013’s Top 5, while touting the bells of 2014’s successes of Karlie Kloss, Kate Upton and the always awaited return of last year’s (slightly) fallen angels Doutzen Kroes and Alessandra Ambrosio!

Gisele Bündchen top models 2013

1 Gisele Bündchen $42 million@ and no 1 Money Girl#, but also no 4 Super* and no 2 Sexiest$

Miranda Kerr top models 2013

2 Miranda Kerr $7.2 million and also no 8 Money Girl and no 5 Sexiest

Adriana Lima top models 2013

3 Adriana Lima $6 million and no 3 Money Girl, but also no 1 Super and no 1 Sexiest

Kate Moss top models 2013

4 Kate Moss $5.7 million and also no 2 Money Girl and no 5 Super

Liu Wen top models 2013

5 Liu Wen $4.3 million and no 3 in Top 50%


@ earnings estimated by Forbes over 12 months from June 2012 to June 2013

# a model’s monetized potential, estimated by models.com by taking into account the rates paid by each model’s highest paying clients

* supermodel status, quantified by models.com weighing in indicators like: name popularity, legend aura, iconic image, fame transcending the fashion industry, plus dominion over magazine covers, advertising campaigns and headline-making fashion moments

$ assessed by models.com, probably by altogether subjective criteria

% today’s most sought after models, according to models.com, considering their bookings by the biggest fashion houses and magazines


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Photos: models.com