September 12, 2013

The basics of the Italian style, just like taught by Monica Bellucci

Monica Bellucci

From Venus to Monica Bellucci, Italian women have been lusted for by the gods, desired by men – only a different way of saying it – and envied by women. Their natural beauty, innate sensuality and unmistakable sense of style make every woman born on Italian soil a beauty goddess. And just as well as intelligent women learn rather than envy and the beautifying rules of le italiane are as direct and strong as Monica’s piercing look, there’s nothing easier than getting the Italian look and equally nothing harder than ever letting it go!

Monica Bellucci

>>> Quality is the fundamental principle. We already know that a quality piece can lend a luxurious feel to an entire outfit. And as Italy is the unmatchable land of artisanship, quality is expected just as much from top designers as it is from small craftsmen. Lace underwear or cashmere shawls, rich, intricately worked fabrics can bring season after season of satisfaction and class. And it really shouldn’t be difficult, as the Italian style is exquisitely classical.

>>> Classic is also the colour range preferred by Italian women. Black and all shades starting with brown, through mustard and beige are for the Italian not as much proof of colour shyness, as they are testimony to their confidence in their own beauty, capable of illuminating a discrete impeccably cut outfit.

>>> As we were just saying, if Italy is the place for fashion investments, then shoes and bags are the most valuable stocks. Italian women have somehow always known that it is accessories that finish off in luxury a quality outfit and the few yet perfect works of art that grace their arm and feet are the – always coloured, always in primary tones – pieces of resistance of a rich look!

>>> Jewellery is always big and invariably golden. They punctuate the look with light and carried around the face – earrings and necklaces – put the spotlight on the one wearing them.

>>> The same effect is also achieved by the simple yet dramatic make up – superbly highlighted eyes using not more than black eyeliner and lips in bold shades of red.

Monica Bellucci

It all makes sense now, doesn’t it? But we shouldn’t declare ourselves Italianised without any practice. The simplest way to achieve the Italian look would be to just choose absolutely any Dolce & Gabbana design. But it is just as much part of the pleasure finding your own favourite designers and, why not, balancing your own Italian style. Vabbène, how do you find my combination?

Dolce & Gabbana Luisa Via Roma

Dolce & Gabbana golden clip drop earrings, EUR 595, at Luisa Via Roma

Valentino Luisa Via Roma

Red Valentino stretch silk mussoline shirt, EUR 315, at Luisa Via Roma

Cavalli Luisa Via Roma

Just Cavalli deco flower print stretch satin skirt, EUR 297, at Luisa Via Roma

Versace Luisa Via Roma

Versace lace on printed silk Georgette bra, EUR 168, at Luisa Via Roma

Dolce & Gabbana Luisa Via Roma

Dolce & Gabbana Miss Sicily lacy top handle bag, EUR 1 550, at Luisa Via Roma

Gianvito Rossi Luisa Via Roma

Gianvito Rossi leather and satin pumps, EUR 560, at Luisa Via Roma


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