February 10, 2014

The bag that will recharge your mobile and tablet. Fashion vs. tech

From need, to idea and then product are just 3 simple steps for some entrepreneurs. And their solution combining fashion and technology doesn’t seem to have made their breakthrough any more difficult for that matter. What is it about? It’s about the bag with incorporated mobile device charger!

Victoria Beckham bag

And no, it’s not any innovation similar to the low tech approach of Victoria Beckham. emPOWERED puts forward a line of fine leather bags boasting a practical and 3–way convertible design with, the icing on the cake, a hidden charger that allows to bring any mobile device or digital gadget ‘’from 0 – 100% with battery to spare’’! The price? USD 149. But who could ever put a price on stylish mobility?

And its success is already gearing up. The emPOWERED line saw the light of day a mere 2 weeks ago and already all of its high tech bag models are sold out. For a new batch they’re now receiving pre orders, while those queuing on the waiting list by February 28 are in for a 10% discount for life. Only this time it’s no longer about battery life.

emPOWERED charger bag

emPOWERED charger bag

emPOWERED charger bag


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Photos: lvgandthesuites.com, thankgodimagirl.tumblr.com, emPOWERED