August 4, 2012

Temporary Tattoos For Sexy Feline Eyes

Do you love the hypnotising allure of the always-seductive cat-eye effect, but are afraid to try it because you find it impossible to trace two identical lines with an eyeliner brush?

Try Eye Rock‘s temporary eyelid tattoos. Each box costs €9 and contains 4 different tattoos for you to choose from. They are unbelievably easy to apply (all you have to do is make sure that your eyelids are clean, dry and oil-free, then you need to peel off the protective sheet and after placing the tattoo on your eyelid, simply press lightly, until the print adheres to your skin).

Aside from saving time, these temporary tattoos are smudge-proof and guaranteed not to run down your face even if you happen to sweat. They last for up to 16 hours and you have a wide array of choices to pick from, so that you can try on a different smouldering sexy feline look each time you feel like it.

And for the nights when you’re feeling extra-glamorous and want to try something different, which will make you stand out, try one of the fancier patterns, such as lace, cascading stars or romantic flowers.

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