February 28, 2012

Tattoos for lips

Tattoos, prints and glitters are not just about clothes and body, but also about the lips. The ultimate form of self-expression are the temporary lip applications, that will give you a perfectly patterned pout.

All you have to do is go to hqhair.com, choose the model you like and apply it. The procedure is very simple, similar to applying a temporary tattoo. Make sure your lips are clean, free of any kind of beauty product, then wet the paper back and stick it on the lips. Wait approximately 40 seconds before you remove the paper, then wait about 5 minutes to dry thoroughly.

Applications last 4 to 8 hours and can be put on the lips of any size. Violent Lips contain three pair of glitters and can be easily removed with a towel dipped in vegetable oil.

Items in this set:

Asos Pendant Necklace, 10,74 $, asos.com

Guerlain KissKiss Lipstick, 30€, bloomingdales.com

Violent Lips The Leopard, 10,50 £ , hqhair.com

Violent Lips The Red Zebra, 10,50 £ , hqhair.com

Violent Lips The Cheetah, 8 £, hqhair.com

Violent Lips The Pink Muah, 10,50 £ , hqhair.com

Violent Lips The Coral Giraffe, 10,50 £ , hqhair.com

Violent Lips The Union Jack, 10,50 £ , hqhair.com

Violent Lips Crimson Glitteratti, 12 £ , hqhair.com