July 4, 2014

Tattooing on the beach… Fashion & life choice faux pas!

If you were under the impression that only nowadays, in the era of the fetish for how we look, of ultraconnectivity and of social media, MUST items epidemics are truly possible. Yes, now, when the (almost) full Facebook following tries its hardest to wear and do the same – today’s IT, of course – well, you were wholly wrong.

And you’re not the only one. I was also wrong in one specific respect… After seeing this ’60s movie about one of the most bizarre mass obsessions of the time, I myself reached a much more cautious conclusion with respect to tattoos. Yes, that of not all temporary tattoos being temporary enough… Have a look!

And here is a fashion option that goes away faster than saying ’’Awwwww!’’ Or not even. As I’m sure that the adhesive is of excellent quality!

Swarovski Elements, Marbella temporary tattoo, EUR 126 at Luisa Via Roma


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Photos: lilylovelock.blogspot.ro, Luisa Via Roma