October 30, 2013

Take part in the Gucci and Twitter Hackathon and, with a mobile app, change the chances at a better present for the women of the world!

Gucci Twitter Tedx Hackathon Chime for Change #CHIMEHACK

Engineers, designers and product managers, you are invited to take your next huge career leap, create the change for improving the lives of millions of women and improve your coder karma!

Gucci and Twitter, together with TedWomen, want you to register and be among the over 100 remarkable people in tech – Dick Costolo, Twitter; Susan Wojcicki, Google; Juliet De Baubigny, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers; Jared Morgenstern, Yub.com; Andrew (Boz) Bosworth, Facebook to only name a few – that between the 5th and 7th of December, in San Francisco, are going to take up the education, health and justice challenges women face, as well as commit to furthering their involvement in social entrepreneurship and technology, and provide them with mobile app answers!

Sounds innovative and bold, doesn’t it? But this sure doesn’t also mean fantastic! The joining of forces of these leaders to be reckoned with of their respective fields – Gucci, Twitter, Tedx, Women Who Code and, above all, of the minds who dream and code beyond the limits, amounts to tremendous promise that #CHIMEHACK is going to see the emergence of revolutionary ideas lending Chime for Change’s success so far a boost of renewed energy!

So, if you’re a coder, find out more about the chance of your lifetime, meaning the world for millions of women, and apply now!

If not, why don’t we find out more about what makes Women Rule already in the technology industry and virtual media?

Gucci Twitter Tedx Hackathon Chime for Change #CHIMEHACK

Gucci Twitter Tedx Hackathon Chime for Change #CHIMEHACK


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Photos: Chime for Change, thedailypage.com, womenwhotech.com