April 28, 2014

Swiss watches. Timeless Armani. The first Swiss Made Emporio Armani collection!

The first Emporio Armani watch collection gracefully abides by the Armani motto ’’Elegance is not about being noticed, it’s about being remembered. ’’ As it is the natural matching of one of the most brilliant Italian creativities with the best most remarkable Swiss technology, and yet another fine and, how else but, timeless example of fusion of the old with the new. ‘’ I have always believed in a mix of innovation and tradition.’’ says Giorgio Armani. And every piece in the Swiss Made collection has the quality of reinforcing that Armani effect – our getting us used to (almost) perfection!

Emporio Armani Swiss Made Collection

The Ladies Slim, Unisex Slim, Gents Slim, Gents Automatic, Gents Limited Edition and Gents Chronograph lines of Emporio Armani Swiss Made Collection are inspired by the fluid, streamlined shapes of the ’30s and ’40s.

Emporio Armani Ladies Slim watches. Ladies Slim ARS7000, steel case and bracelet, EUR 716

Emporio Armani Swiss Made Collection



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Photos: Armani