October 21, 2011

Susan Tabak, the quintessence of good taste

We pass from fashion shows to other exciting events to welcome the famous expert in the luxury industry, Susan Tabak, making a triumphal entry into the cosmetics market in a Parisian premiere.

Special guest to the most exclusivist fashion events of the world, Susan Tabak is fascinating both because of her remarkable look and the charisma she develops around her.

Even Sandrine Pozzo di Borgo herself, the founder ofQuintessence Paris, fell prey to her fascination and proposed Susan at a party to make her a perfume. Six months later, “Sortir le Soir” by Susan Tabak was welcoming its guests at a cocktail on rue de l’Université in Paris.

Fusing in perfectly proportioned dosages notes of gardenia, mandarin, jasmine, vanilla and other secret ingredients, “Sortir le Soir” is the quintessence of chic in the field of feminine fragrance just as Susan Tabak is the projection of the fashion chic hunted down by the fashionistas all over the world.

I puffed the entrancing essence on me while Susan detailed to me its genesis in a contagious enthusiasm. And then, when the perfuming, the laughing and the picture taking came to an end, I finally had to say goodbye to Susan and allow her to entertain other guests too. On my way out, I saw Diane Pernet who had just turned up to congratulate the distinguished New York girl.

As far as I can remember, fashion icon, Diane Pernet,  uses a fragrance imitating the scent of lighted candles. I can only assume it’s one of the innovative Comme des Garcons perfumes, but I wouldn’t dare to bet on it.

Sortir le Soir can be purchased on susantabak.com

A great acquisition for all the sophisticated girls.