August 9, 2016

Survival guide for the coolest & most stylish pregnant ladies

Usually, over the length of the pregnancy, one’s personal style can turn into something of a challenge. Even if some women have been through it all (a) previous time(s), no pregnancy is like another and the classic, cornerstone – even – issue remains the same for most future moms. The clothes in their wardrobe don’t fit them anymore and the budget isn’t really able to accommodate a new set of clothes since, with a baby on the way, other investments are far more important.

First of all, you’re going to hear constantly: ’’don’t skimp on anything’’, ’’buy quality clothing’’. Well, contrary to all the wisdom of buying ’’quality (pregnancy) wear’’ – expression far too used and far too underspecified anyway – I urge you not to overinvest. Save the money! You’ll need it for when the baby arrives and that spending is most certainly going to be wiser than made for clothing that you are most likely never going to wear again!

You’re probably surprised to hear such an advice coming from me of all people… One thing is certain, though. With plenty of money, anyone can look spectacular. The challenge is to do it while spending as little as possible. I am going to show you exactly how to go about not spending a dime for new clothes halfway into your pregnancy in the next article.
Yes, you’ve read that exactly! I have a brilliant formula, a logical approach as to the best, most efficient way to use your and your husband/boyfriend’s clothing so as to spend absolutely nothing for the first 4-5 months (maybe even 6 – depending on your pregnancy’s specific profile) of the pregnancy.

Before that, though, I’m sure you would like to know how to keep up the fresh look you used to sport before the pregnancy and, why not, even upgrade it to an even more sophisticated level. So I’ve put together a cool mommy’s 10 tricks and secrets stylishly pregnant survival guide. A sort of modern mom’s Ten Commandments!


Very important to know – being pregnant doesn’t cancel out being stylish, and if you want to continue turning heads, make use of some of these tips:

1) First of all, choosing an outfit can be seen as an art performance with yourself as a white canvas to practice your talent on. You are the one engineering yourself a dusty or, on the contrary, a fresh, youthful look. You choose the way you portray yourself in front of the others: ‘’raw’’, completely natural and un-styled or in the most attractive version there is – even if some might say that the raw (maybe even vegan) path is the most attractive. De gustibus non est disputandum…
But if you’re already in the camp of the ones aiming for a diva look, you have to know that you are the magician that can bring to the equation all the sparkle it needs. It might not turn out spectacular from your first try, but, with practice, as usual, comes perfect!

2) Usually, pregnancy clothes lack in artistic fantasy: most of them are overflowing with frills, flowers and other childish-themed ornaments (apparently since there’s a child about to be born) or overdo the baby doll or fully-blown sack cut to hide away a growing abdomen as well as, maybe, the pregnant herself.
They often look pretty run-of-the-mill and they are pretty much standardized since the producers can hardly can predict the evolution of every specific pregnancy, so they keep on perpetuating the same two-three overflowing with fabric models that fit awkwardly up to the very last weeks of pregnancy.

3) My suggestion is to keep buying clothes from your usual selection of favorite stores. You’ll stay true to your style and will, this way, be able to smoothen out the transition to your new silhouette. Growing accustomed with your new proportions is going to be much easier if you keep on wearing the types of clothes you love and are very mush used to.

Be careful, though! Don’t just buy clothes one size up! You can’t predict the way your metabolism is going to react, how fast and (most importantly) where you are going to gain weight!…
And, to prevent a déjà vu when buying baby clothes that are going to be too small in one month, you’d better think ahead and add at least two sizes to your new purchases.


The pictures you see here have been taken in my sixth month of pregnancy. The dress you see has been bought from an online store I usually shop from and is a size L.
I used to wear S, but now I’ve gone to L for fitted pieced and M for more ample, bell-shaped items (even if M has begun feeling a little too tight).
The dress I’m wearing has been taken in at the waist (1 cm on each side) for being too loose. The tailor didn’t cut away those cm, so I’m going to be able to loosen it back up when my bump is going to grow even bigger.
Very important: what I now call ’’waist’’ is, in fact, the narrowest point of my torso, just under the bust, where the belt has been set. The natural waist (much narrower than its new version) was a few centimeters down but now is totally lacking. 🙂

4) Over this period, the tailor is going to be your best friend! Take your purchases to the tailor for adjustment.
You now are in between sizes, your former clothing doesn’t fit you anymore and the new ones you’ve bought (one or two size bigger) are too accommodating. The secret is to tell your tailor not to cut away any excess fabric he takes in, but to only hide it away or to iron it flat. This way, at any point, you can loosen any taken in piece according to where and how much you’ve grown…
You can also use elastic bands and hidden buttons (I won’t go into detail now, just ask your tailor) to reach similar results. What you’ll end up with is an accordion effect, meaning that the clothes are going to be taken in a whole lot to, then, be gradually loosened, according to needs, while allowing for a new taking in after the birth.

By using this trick, you can keep your trademark look throughout pregnancy for having a wardrobe-ful of clothes you like, from your usual shopping spots. And the truly best part is yet to come! After having given birth, your clothes can be fitted back to a smaller size and become part of your long term wardrobe. What else could we wish for?!

5) Stay away from extremely loose dresses (short or long). We don’t have to burry ourselves under waves of fabric. Maxi and baby doll dresses are the final frontier we can tap into during our last month of pregnancy or at the point we fell we’ve completed your body transformation. Up to that point, there are much more figure-flattering options out there.

6) During summer, stay away from satin and any other fabric with a sheen. They only come to play with light and, thus, visually enhance your proportions. Even more, they will also highlight problems such as hiperhidrosis (common during some pregnancies, especially during very warm summer days).
There are opaque silks, chiffon, cotton and many other textiles with elastic fibers inserts that are able to mattify a fabric while also giving it elasticity – a crucial quality for the comfort of an ever-growing silhouette.
In winter, the choice is made easier by almost all fabrics being matte.


7) Up to half way through the pregnancy, your shoes can have any kind of lace, buckle or zip, but over the second half the bump is going to start hindering your ability to reach for your shoes. To avoid any kind of trouble, try some slip-on shoes. You should also consider that a pointy tip is going to lengthen your foot and leg while a rounded tip is most likely going to widen the look of your leg – something you definitely don’t want especially since swollen feet are a common issue pregnant women face.

8) Also, during this time, the height of your heels should decrease proportionally with the growth of the abdomen. You don’t have to completely give them up, just carefully dose their use. Kitten heels – medium height heels between 3 and 5 cm – are able to strike the perfect compromise between fashion and comfort.

9) Through carefully studied style tricks, the bump can be camouflaged or shown with grace…
You can hide it up to close to delivery, by just mastering a few techniques taught in design school. You can grow knowledgeable about them by reading the articles posted here, on Fashion Avec Passion, as well as in my soon to be released book. Stay tuned! You’ll love it! 🙂
If what tempts you is to highlight your bump, choose form-fitting clothing, but only if you have a well-proportioned body. It can be at a larger scale, but all the parts of the body should have grown at a similar pace, not one being by and large more prominent than the others.
If you feel like you’ve gained weight significantly and uniformly or you are in your last month of pregnancy, you can go for looser, fluid looks. It is only now that baby doll or empire cuts need to step in.

Regardless of if you go for the first or the second strategy, the stylish choice is fully yours. Two pregnancies (even of the same mom) can be extremely different, so there is no all-encompassing rule.

How does my figure look without the use of any wardrobe trick?

Like this! 🙂

An extra 11 kilos (more than the medical recommendation for this time of the pregnancy), no waist at all, prominent hips (my old trousers now can’t go beyond mid-thigh), as for the abdomen there’s nothing more to be said. From S, in my sixth month of pregnancy, I’ve reached a size L. Still, there still is room to manage astounding optical illusions that can fool the untrained eye and tuck away the pregnancy and its 11 extra kilos.
Here and here you can find two of my favorite examples of amazing silhouette transformations!


10) You have to know that in any pregnancy, even if the transformations undergone by the silhouette can be dramatic, any, absolutely any woman also stands to gain. Thanks to hormonal changes, some will have a flawless complexion or resplendent hair, like never before and probably never after (except for during another pregnancy). Some will gain gorgeous legs or a luscious bust line or a Brazilian supermodel’s bum and so on and on…
The point I want to make is that every woman has to take full notice of her newly enhanced features and highlight them as best as possible. (And her ability to do so is going to become fully developed here! With every new article, new insight will be gained, so follow them all!)
Their advantages are, first of all, that of providing distraction away from more sensitive areas, like ample hips, puffy arms or a highly prominent bump. And, secondly, they stem from their amazing yet fleeting character that needs to be fully seized!

So, if you feel less comfortable with the evolution of a specific part of your body, you should emphasize the others!

I, for example, avoid wearing low cleavage tops, as my bust has increased considerably. On the other hand, I used to almost never wear miniskirts, while now I can’t quite make myself wear something else, as I fell like me legs look better than they ever have.
At the same time, I have a pregnant friend who is experiencing edema, with fluid retention heavy legs, so she chooses to cover up her legs. On the other hand, she frequently wears shoulder-revealing tops that elongate the line of her neck and underscore her naturally augmented cleavage.

The bottom line is that you must find your new stylistic uniform. More exactly, the outfit formula that can retouch the areas you feel esthetically insecure about while flaunting your new physical best features.

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