April 2, 2014

Surrealist bathing suits. Always Victoria’s Secret, never Dalí!

If you want shoes, you go to Ferragamo, if what you wish for is a bag, you choose Louis Vuitton, and if you really really need a new swimsuit, it has to be Victoria’s Secret! Why am I feeling so strongly about it?

Lest there should we run into the danger of fashion-experimenting swimwear by Salvador Dalí! Even if the artist’s designs were shown in Paris almost 50 years ago. Even if his line for sportswear company Jack A. Winter never got to become mass produced. And even if one of Dalí’s designs, no matter how far beyond out wildest imagination, would most likely be sold at auction for nothing short of a fortune!

As the danger is great! Despite our expecting of wild surrealist creations, I’m sure the original video will be just as bewildering for you as it was for me… I just end by saying 4 words: attached inflatable baseball player and will let the images speak for themselves.

Dali fashion editorial

funky swimwear editorial

funky swimwear editorial


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Photos: sabinalazarz.weebly.com, trendhunter.com