June 18, 2013

Summer Tips For Dyed Hair


Dyed hair needs extra care during summertime. Protect your hair colour during he entire summer season by remembering to follow a few simple tricks:

>> Hair colour can be intensely affected by sun rays, so don’t forget to use a special oil that features sunscreen each time you leave the house, and especially at times when you’ll be spending hours under the sun.

>> If the chlorine contained by pool water has modified the shade of your hair colour, use specially formulated products to restore it. The COLOR WOW range includes two mousse-based colour-correcting products: a violet-tinted one for correcting brassy-blonde ”pool hair”, as well as a teal-hued one, for correcting red tints in darker hair.

>> Only wash your hair with shampoo specially formulated for coloured hair, in order to protect your colour for as long as possible.


>> Avoid a dramatic change in hair colour during summertime, as chlorine, sea salt and sun exposure can visibly modify the dye.

>> Don’t overdo it with styling tools. Your hair as well as its colour are already being damaged by heat and other inevitable elements. Use a curler or straightener just once a week and don’t forget to apply a coat of heat protection. If you absolutely need a styling tool, favour the blow dryer, using it at the coolest setting. The best way to protect your hair, however, is to let it dry naturally – you’ll also get a super sexy beach look à la Giselle Bündchen.

>> Avoid washing your hair with shampoo every time you get out of the pool or the sea, as shampoo attacks hair dye. Instead, rinse it thoroughly to get rid of any impurities and, if necessary, use a few drops of conditioner to re-hydrate the ends.

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Photos courtesy of: models.com, voronezh.blizko.ru, photographyphotoshoot.com