June 4, 2013

Summer Essentials: Find The Perfect Hat For Your Face Shape


Planning to make a style and beauty statement this summer? Do it with a hat! There’s no other accessory more feminine and more seductive than a hat, which brings the perfect dash of mystery, all the while protecting you from the summer sun’s dangerous rays.

Choose your hat wisely, so that it complements the shape of your face, highlighting your features:

If you have an oval face:

oval face

>> balance out the shape of your face with a hat that has medium-sized brims and a short crown.

>> stay away from high crowns, which will elongate your features too much, as well as from small brims, which will add length to your face

>> go for floppy hats or a cloche hat with a super romantic allure


If you have a round face:

round face

>> make sure that the width of the crown of you hat never exceeds the width of your cheekbones, so that you don’t end up with a super-wide, poufy face

>> choose hats that have a high crown, which has the effect of optically elongating your face

>> avoid rounded crowns and go instead for angular or asymmetrical shapes

>> choose a trilby or a fedora and you’ll look your best


If you have a square face:

square face

>> sweeten the lines of your face with hats featuring wide, feminine brims, and rounded crowns

>> make sure to wear your hat high up on your head, rather that low on your forehead. This way, you’ll illuminate your entire face and optically elongate your features

>> bowler or wide-brimmed, super feminine hats, will look absolutely perfect on you


If you have a heart-shaped face:

heart shaped face

>> avoid super small brims, which will attract too much attention towards your forehead, as well as ultra-wide ones, which will enhance your chin in a way you wouldn’t want

>> look for medium-sized brims, rounded lines and asymmetrical designs. Wear them a bit tilted on your head, so that you may balance out the shape of your face

>> a cloche hat is an excellent choice for you


If you have an angular, bony face

angular face

>> to mask the angularity of your face shape and sweeten it, choose a hat with asymmetrical lines

>> a fedora, worn tilted on your head, will provide a super cool look


If you have a full face:

full face

>> accentuate the roundness of your eyes and cheekbones with a Pork Pie hat, or, conversely, highlight the fullness of your face by creating a contrast with a Panama hat


If you have a small face:

small face

>> choose hats that are in tune with the size of your face: avoid large hats with wide brims or oversize details, such as big bows or heavy plumage, which will only have the effect of ”swallowing” your entire face

>> for a vintage chic allure, perfect for a formal or semi-formal event, go for a pillbox hat, très en vogue right now

>> for chilly days or those moonlit walks on the beach when it’s windy, go for a cool beanie


If you have a rather large face:

large face

>> choose hats that are in tune with your face shape: go wild with extravagant hats, oversize brims and opulent detailing

>> stay away from small hats which will look even tinier on your head


If you have bangs:

>> don’t you dare consider that having bangs means you not being able to wear a hat. Not at all! Pin it to one side and throw absolutely any type of hat over it, or simply tuck it under and then style it a bit with your fingers once the hat is off, and voilà – a super cool and sensual out-of-bed look!

Kokin Sun Hats Wide Brim Hat


BCBGMAXAZRIA Two-Tone Floppy Hat

Hat Attack Navy Ribbon Straw Cloche Hat




Selfridges Hat – €355


Sensi Studio Adrian toquilla straw trilby

Lanvin Wide brimmed hat


Women's Helene Berman Bow Straw Hat

UNIQLO Women Natural Bowler Hat


Marie Mercie Pale Pink Dada Hat



Barcelona Hat – €84
MISSONI chevron sun hat


Albertus Swanepoel Marie Straw Fedora


Jennifer Ouellette Montero Fedora

LISA BATTAGLIA Claire Panama Straw Hat


Coach Classic Panama Hat

Lanvin Straw Panama Hat


TOPMAN Burgundy Pork Pie Melton Hat

Federica Moretti Turquoise Felt Oval Pillbox Hat


Philip Treacy Beret Fascinator



Alexander McQueen Wide-Brimmed Beekeeper Hat

Peter Jensen Cut-Out Straw Hat




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Photo courtesy of: r1ma.blogspot.com