September 7, 2012

Stylish Ways To Wear Jewelry In Your Hair

Do you happen to own so many accessories that you sometimes realise it’s hard for you to even wear all of them? Well then, how about showcasing them in a different way… in your hair.

Incorporating jewelry pieces in your hair is simpler than you may imagine:

Add a romantic touch to a braid by adding a metallic necklace in between the hair strands.

Emporio Armani necklace

Mango necklace

Mango necklace – €29
Cover the unsightly elastic band used to tie the end of your braid by adding a ring as a stylish finishing touch. Make sure it stays in place by pinning it back with an invisible clip.
Emporio Armani Eagle Ring

Mango ring

Mango ring – €29
Parfois ring – €10
Add a fresh touch to a simple updo by placing your favourite bracelet around its base.
Emporio Armani bracelet

Mango bracelet

Mango bracelet – €25
Parfois bracelet – €10
Add a touch of elegance to a messy updo by braiding a long necklace among the strands of hair.
Emporio Armani jewelry

Mango necklace

Mango necklace – €19
Parfois Necklace – €13
Clip a statement necklace at the back of your head, under a high chignon for a surprising effect.
Emporio Armani necklace

Mango necklace

Mango necklace – €54
Forget looking refined with the help of a classic barrette, use a brooch instead, for an elegant effect.
Giorgio Armani brooch

Giorgio Armani brooch – price upon demand
Mango brooch

Mango brooch – €11
Pin a single statement earring in the center of your updo and let it dangle, for an elegant look.
Emporio Armani earrings

Mango earrings

Mango earrings – €23
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