August 1, 2012

Stylish Ponytail Ideas For Summer

Wearing your hair down during a hot summer day can sometimes prove to be a nightmare, so why not try a simple summer staple: the ponytail. Here are 10 stylish ideas for you to spice it up:

Contrasting Textures Ponytail

Try different textures for a surprising effect. Sarah Jessica Parker had the hair near to her roots straightened, while the rest was pinned back into a loose and wavy ponytail.

Ombré Ponytail


Highlight your ombré hair by pinning it back into a ponytail, so that the different colour of the tips of your tresses is even more visible.

High Side Ponytail

Get in touch with your girly side by pinning back your ponytail on one side, instead of at the back of your head. It will give you a playful, fresh vibe.

Fishtail Ponytail

Instead of the classic braided ponytail, try a fishbraid, for a feminine look. It works very well if you have thick hair, but a thin braid also has its charm. Also, you don’t need to worry about it being perfect. The messier,the better!

Twisted Ponytail

Give the classic style a…twist, by literally twisting your strands before pinning them back into this lovely hairdo, just like Kimberley Walsh.

Curled Ponytail


Curl your ponytail with the help of a hot iron to achieve this super-sexy look, just like Jessica Alba’s. Make sure to spray it with a bit of fairytale to ensure that it stays put all night.

Reverse Ponytail


Add an unsuspected twist to your sleek ponytail by creating a hole with your fingers just above the spot where the hair is pinned back and pulling the loop of the ponytail through it.

Bound Ponytail

Spice up your ponytail by adding a couple of clear hair elastics down your hair every couple of inches and bunching your hair a bit in between the bands. Easy & chic.

Invisible Bindings Ponytail

Hide the elastic band in your hair by either twisting a strand of hair or a thin braid around it, for a polished look.

Accessorised Ponytail

Make your ponytail stand out by trying various chic accessories. Whether you choose to style it with a girly bow, a stylish chain accessory like Kim Kardashian or go for a boho look by wrapping it in golden gilded rope, you’ll surely have the most stylish pony around.

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