December 11, 2012

Style Tips: How To Dress If You Have A Boyish Figure

Find out how to optically elongate a petite figure and how to balance one that is too tall, how to transform an androgynous silhouette into an feminine hourglass shape, how to moderate a large bust or how to enhance a small one, with the style tips series brought to you by Fashion avec Passion.

How to dress if you have a boyish figure

Although many women dream of having a slim, svelte physique, those who happen to have an androgynous silhouette often long for a more feminine shape, with voluptuous curves that enhance their femininity. Here are a few simple tricks to turn a boyish figure into the perfect feminine silhouette:

>> Dresses and skirts with a bias cut will flatter your silhouette, offering it a feminine shape.

>> Accentuate your waistline with a belt to create an hourglass figure.

>> Diagonal stripes add voluptuous curves, so do prints.

>> Printed trousers or jeans with faded patches offer a volume boost to a pair of legs that look too skinny.

>> Create the illusion of curves with the help of layering (try cardigans over tops and skits, for instance).

>> If you wish to enhance the shape of a pair of legs that seem too skinny, skip slim-fit trousers and go for a wider option, such as palazzo trousers.

>> If you choose to wear skinny pants, opt for a top that brings volume, such as one with ultra-feminine ruffles, to balance the overall look of your outfit.

>> Tulip dresses add curves to a straight figure, as do babydoll dresses.

>> You may try loose-fit tops as long as you cinch in your waist with a belt.

>> A-line skirts and dresses add structure to an androgynous figure.

>> Choose clothes with feminine prints and details. Animal print pieces have the power to create a 3D illusion that can do wonders for a boyish silhouette.

>> Draped clothing, be it tops, skirts of dresses, add volume to your body.

>> Androgynous silhouettes often have broad shoulders. Balance them out with asymmetrical necklines.

>> Go for fluid fabrics that create the illusion of motion, such as chiffon or silk.

>> Bell-shaped or kimono-style sleeves add an extra touch of femininity.

>> When it comes to accessories, don’t be afraid to wear statement pieces, which will distract attention from your silhouette. Oversize necklaces will draw the eye towards the center of your body, chunky bracelets will look great on long, lean arms, and big bags will flatter a boyish figure with straight lines.

>> Back pockets on trousers will add volume to a flat posterior.

>> For a truly amazing effect, try dresses with architectural silhouettes, which will sculpt your body into the perfect shape.

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