December 5, 2012

Style Tips: How To Dress If You Are Petite

Find out how to optically elongate a petite figure and how to balance one that is too tall, how to transform an androgynous silhouette into an feminine hourglass shape, how to moderate a large bust or how to enhance a small one, with the style tips series brought to you by Fashion avec Passion.

How to dress if you are petite

>> Don’t let the clothes and accessories wear you. That means, if you’re petite, you’d better stay away from any oversize item, be it jewelry or clothing. Avoid wearing overly large bags if you don’t want to end up looking like you’re lugging around a sack of potatoes. Also, avoid ultra-big sunglasses that cover a good portion of your face, making you look insect-like. Moreover, stay away from clothing items with too many bells and whistles, such as gigantic frills or other oversize embellishments. Even when it comes to formal wear, avoid the voluminous skirts and never-ending trains.

>> Choosing the right size is of course very important no matter the silhouette shape, but for somebody with a petite figure, it is even more important, given the fact that ill-fitting clothes may add extra bulk to the body frame.

>> Although the easiest method of adding extra height is to wear high heels, be careful not to go overboard with this one. Don’t be tempted to go for the sky-high heels. Opt instead for medium-sized ones, in order to avoid looking disproportionate.

>> To offer the illusion of longer legs, try a belt in the same colour as your pants.

>> Avoid horizontal stripes and go instead for the vertical ones, which optically elongate your silhouette.

>> If you’re the happy owner of a flat belly, wear high-waisted pants and skirts, which create the impression of longer and leaner legs.

>> If you’re petite but have a slim figure, wear tight-fitting clothes, which will make you look taller.

>> Avoid shoes with straps or any other embellishments that go around the ankle, optically ”cutting” the line of the legs. Choose shoes that elongate the leg, such as nude ones.

>> Create vertical lines with the help of unbuttoned jackets of cardigans worn over dresses that ideally are the same length.

>> V-necks elongate the silhouette, but stay away from them if you have a small bust.

>> Avoid clothing items with ankle-length hemlines that break the line of your legs. Instead, go for short lengths (just touching your fingertips when your arms are at your sides) or medium ones (knee-length) for dresses and skirts, and long (below the ankle) for pants.

>> To elongate legs, choose boots that stop right below the knee instead of mid-calf.

>> Choose tops that stop right at the hips of above them.

>> Avoid as much as possible wearing voluminous clothing. Even if they are comfortable, clothing items such as an oversize sweater can make you look even smaller. If you however choose to wear such a piece, make sure that you keep the rest of your outfit slim-fitting. For instance, if you choose a wide skirt, pair it with a tight top and viceversa – if you go for a loose item on your top half, keep the bottom part narrow.

>> Avoid tucking pants into boots.

>> Choose slim belts in favour of think ones, unless you wear them really high up above your waist.

>> Stay away from extreme layering if you don’t want to look like you’ve been buried under a heap of fabric.

>> Choose accessories that add vertical lines to your figure, such as long pendant necklaces or scarves that drop to your waist.

>> Pair black opaque tights with black shoes to elongate legs.

>> Knee-length dress-shirts have the power to optically heighten your figure.

>> Avoid wearing contrasting colours on your top and bottom half. This will cut your silhouette in half, making you look even shorter.

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