March 26, 2013

Style Tip: Dare To Be Sexy In A Backless Dress

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I don’t shy away from wearing a plunging neckline and I very well know the effect that a thigh-high slit on a skirt has on the male population of the world, but, in my opinion, there’s nothing more sensual than a dress that reveals your back in the most seductive way. Dare to be sexy in a backless dress, but keep in mind a few useful tips:

For you fabulous backless dress to have full impact, it’s mandatory that the skin on your back is absolutely flawless. Avoid developing rashes, or even worse, a nasty acne outburst, by wearing your hair up whenever you practice a sport. Also, try to get in the shower as soon as possible after working out. Use a delicate scrub to slough off dead cells and to reveal the soft skin underneath.

If you happen to use a special conditioner or a mask when you wash your hair, don’t let your hair sit on your back while it has the product in it.


Using an illuminating stick, trace a fine line along your spine, in order to reflect light and offer your skin a sensual glow.

Porcelain skin is finally back in fashion, but if you insist however on using a self tanner to give your skin a summery boost of colour, go with the spray formula in order to achieve an even result, as your back is one of the places where you can’;t properly reach to apply, say, a cream formula.


Take a cue from the most stylish Hollywood stars of the moment and wear a statement necklace…backwards. Jennifer Lawrence and Anne Hathaway took the audience’s breaths away when they showed up on the Oscars red carpet wearing extravagant jewelry draped on their backs.

A bra isn’t necessary when you wear a backless dress, but if however you feel the need to wear one, make sure you invest in a good model, with multi-way straps that offer support but don’t show. For dresses with deep plunging back necklines, your best bet is a bra with straps that go around your abdomen.

Pay attention to your hairstyle. It should help highlight your fabulous backless dress. Go for a super chic chignon or even for an Old Hollywood look, with seductive side-swept curls.

Don’t forget to stand up straight and rock the bold, ultra-sensual attitude that such a dress provides you with. You’ll have all men right at your feet, trust me.

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