August 1, 2013

Style Mistakes That Age You


Unfortunately, the fountain of youth has yet to be found, and as a consequence, we can’t look 20 forever. There are, however, a couple of style mistakes which can instantly add a minimum of 10 years to your appearance. Make sure you never make them!

>> You dress as if you were ten years older. I’ve come across lots of women who were under the impression that once they had hit the 35 age mark, they suddenly dried out and, not wanting to end up looking like fools, began dressing just like an Amish grandma. Smart tip: To determine the best skirt length for daytime, check yourself out in the mirror and see which part of your leg near the knee is slimmest. Is it the portion just above, or the one just below the knee? Once you’ve found it, that’s the spot where the hem of your skirt should ideally fall.

>> You dress as if you were ten years younger. Micro mini skirts or bustier tops, for instance, have an expiration date within your wardrobe. In your attempt to dress like a teenager, instead of embracing a style suitable for your age, you’ll only attract attention upon your actual age, which will be highlighted by your inappropriate attire. Choose your clothing wisely and you’ll see that it’s super simple to look youthful and fresh at any age.

>> You neglect choosing the right size clothing. Any piece of clothing that is too tight or too loose will make you look older. If you cannot find the right size for you, but a size up and take it to the tailor to have it fitted. The difference will be colossal, I promise!

>> You neglect choosing the right size lingerie. A bra that is too tight will draw attention to any flaws around your bust area, while one that is too loose will fail to offer the right support, both cases resulting in you looking old and unkempt.

>> You wear the wrong style glasses. You might be tempted to think that large, clunky frames, will hide the wrinkles or dark circles around your eyes, but as you grow older, delicate and slim frames are the way to go, as they offer an elegant and feminine look. Smart tip! White or any other bright colour on the inside of your glasses’ arms will redirect light towards your eyes, illuminating your gaze and making you appear younger and fresher.

>> You try to follow all the trends of each season. Trends are so varied precisely in order to fit the tastes and needs of every woman. Don’t chase after certain pieces just because they are the latest trend. Focus instead on creating a wardrobe made up of key-pieces, to which you can add the current season’s statement pieces suitable to your age and style.

>> You cover up your neck. The tactic of covering up imperfections around the neck area will only make you appear older. Choose instead a scoop neckline or a V-shaped one, according to the size of your bust and how much you want to show/conceal.

>> You wear too much black. As you age, the pigment in your skin starts to fade and black, albeit elegant, can make you features look even more harsh, especially if worn around the face area. Go for jewel tones (emerald green, sapphire blue, ruby red, garnet yellow), or for neutral shades (nude, camel, beige).

>> You wear accessories as a set. Even if you couldn’t decide between the necklace, earrings and ring from a set collection and ended up buying them all, don’t ever wear them all at once – it looks terribly outdated!  Coordinate your jewelry and make sure never to wear an accessory around an area which you don’t want standing out (for instance, if you want to avoid drawing the eye towards the wrinkles around your neck, forgo chokers and go instead for a longer necklace which falls over your bust area.)

>> You wear the wrong shoes. Platforms look stunning on a young and toned leg, but as you age, go for slimmer heels which will make your legs look delicate and elegant.


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