November 25, 2013

Style evolutions and time freezing? Yes, designers really are superhuman!

We’re all dying to see our friends’ photos from their graduation album, and as far as celebrities go, even more so! But when it comes to our own less fortunate hairdos and puffy sleeves from back in the day, we’re as secretive as a sphinx and we’d hope they’re from not so far back – as we’re still young aren’t we! – and still eons ago from a style point of view! But how about things/hair styles/looks in designers’ pasts? Might they only be the stars of glorious moments caught in elegant black and white or are their current public personas also – at their immortal scale nonetheless – the results of evolutions without which not only would they have not been in fashion, but it would have made it for us somewhat more difficult to set them aside from your average non designer Joe or Jane…

young Marc Jacobs Naomi Campbell

Marc Jacobs – In the ’90, life was simpler, the industry more relaxed and, still, you could run into the absolutely fantastic at every step! The talent of the future Louis Vuitton superstar and own brand hero was starting to grow wings, and the supermodels were at his feet then as they are now. Today, Jacobs has grown into a world class artist, and Naomi and Kate have always been there for him.

Marc Jacobs Kate Moss

young Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld – The attitude! What ’60s Karl and 2010s Karl have in common is the attitude! The sophisticated shirt collars have always been there and the ever since trademark sunglasses have made their debut in the 1980s. Still, until the perfectly chiselled and thought through down to the last detail look we know today even the Kaiser needed a few decades to let himself be influenced by (his own) fashion!

Karl Lagerfeld personal style

young John Galliano

John Galliano – A genius always knows what he wants with his art! It’s not this the message printed on his t-shirt from sometime in 1992, but it is what the British designer emanates through his pores! From the bright young student days at Central Saint Martins to Dior glory and, of course, to his return to the industry’s favours  next to Kate Moss in the December British Vogue.

John Galliano on catwalk

Victoria Beckham Spice Girls Vogue cover

Victoria Beckham – The current star of British fashion’s also being an ex Spice Girl doesn’t mean she had more steps to take down the road of style makeover nor does it mean her evolution from idol to diva involved baby steps. It just means that the world in general and fashion people in particular have always wanted to be in step with Victoria. And we have countless Vogue covers to prove it!

Victoria Beckham Vogue coverVictoria Beckham Vogue coverVictoria Beckham Vogue coverVictoria Beckham Vogue coverVictoria Beckham Vogue coverVictoria Beckham Vogue coverVictoria Beckham Vogue cover

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Photos: Vogue