March 22, 2013

Study Shows That Women Would Rather Splurge On Bags Rather Than On Any Other Accessory


Did you ever stop to analyse how big is your satisfaction when you finally get to purchase that absolutely fabulous bag that you’ve been eyeing for days, or even weeks? It seems to be greater that if you bought any other accessory or piece of clothing, according to scientists’ findings.

A study conducted by on a panel of 2000 women brought to attention the fact that they are more inclined to spend a greater amount of money on purchasing a bag, rather than on any other accessory. The reasons that were invoked for this choice included the fact that bags, unlike extravagant jewelry, for instance, are something that women use every day, hence the satisfaction of finding that perfect bag to go with a certain outfit. Moreover, it has been confirmed that the perfect bag, paired with an ordinary outfit, can totally change the overall look, transforming it into an extraordinary one.

More than a quarter of the participants to the study admitted that bags were on the top of their splurge shopping list. The rest of the votes in the top 5 went to shoes, sun dresses, jewelry and beauty products.

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