January 30, 2013

Stroke His Ego This Valentine’s Day With A Pair Of Monogrammed Panties

say my name

Are you at a loss of ideas when it comes to getting your lover a gift for Valentine’s Day? I suggest cheating and getting a gift that’s actually for yourself, but which you’ll surely both enjoy – lingerie. But not any lingerie. This Valentine’s Day, stroke his ego with a pair of silk chiffon panties embroided with his initials. Is there anything more sensual and alluring than that?!

Starting this spring, Fleur du Mal offers a new service – ”Say My Name” – which involves personalising lingerie with a series of initials or even a full name of your choice, for the price of $98. The panties, fashioned out of the finest silk crepe, are manually embroided, and are available in two delicious shades of pink, one more sexy than the other: girly powdered pink pr wild fuchsia.


Fleur du Mal, the label founded by Jennifer Zuccarini in 2012, after collaborating with Victoria’s Secret as design director and co-funding the famous luxury lingerie brand Kiki de Montparnasse, aims to celebrate the idea of dressing up in an outfit that makes you feel good, as well as the idea of undressing, to reveal an intimate secret told by special lingerie. Thus, the Fleur du Mal collection features, besides seductive lingerie pieces, an array of chic dresses, knitwear, and even outerwear items.

You can order your very own personalised pair of panties, as well as, say, a fabulous silk and leather dress, so that you have something to take off with languish movements in front of your man, in a private show that he’ll surely never forget, simply by accessing the Fleur du Mal homepage.

The perfect gift is only a few clicks away! Wear your own initials if you happen to be single, or offer your lover a sexy surprise – your dirty little Valentine’s secret.

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Photos courtesy of: fleurdumal.com