March 1, 2012

Street style film, fashion shows and a lavish lunch

Models may chew fashion on an empty stomach and find it perfectly charming, in fact they are famous for such approach, but I have started my Paris Fashion Week with a lavish lunch with my friends, Ingrid Chua Go – The bag Hag Diaries – and Bryan Grey Yambao – Bryanboy, the famous international bloggers. We have a hectic day ahead of us, crowded with fashion shows, all equally spectacular (which means there no “hooky” playing” from them). That’s why to have energy for the fashion week is crucial. And, after all, who eats grows bigger, doesn’t it? And we do want to grow bigger, and our sites too.

So, after congratulating Ingrid for the invitation she received from the Italian brand, Ermenegildo Zegna, to write an article about the Zegna man in her own vision, we headed at full speed for the Parisian catwalks.

This is what I wore yesterday at the fashion shows I attended. You may get inspired by it, who knows?

Mango sunglasses

Top Shop trench

Mango shirt

Louis Vuitton bag

Mango pants

Armani rings – Bucharest, 60-64 Calea Victoriei

Zara shoes


This is a picture taken at the Paris Fashion shows, by the makers of a street style film, for an interview made for Elle. I can hardly wait to watch it online.