May 2, 2012

Street Style – Fashion Goes All Out On The Streets

It’s a well-known fact that the streets of Paris (as well as those of New York, London and Milan) turn into impromptu catwalks during Fashion Week. Dozens, or maybe even hundreds of people put their sense of style on display, to the delight of photographers and passer-by alike. Often enough, the unrehearsed “fashion shows” occurring on the streets near the location of a show come to rival with the actual event.

Be it that they prefer the classic style of portrait snapshots, displaying the entire look, or going with Tommy Ton’s manner of shooting for his famous Jak&Jil blog, which means more focus on the details, capturing certain key elements of an outfit, photographers love immortalising street fashion, which follows the latest trends and even sets the tone for new ones.

Karl Lagerfeld is amongst the designers who have more than once stated that they feel inspired by street style, and Tom Ford has admitted that after seeing photos of Carine Roitfeld wearing sandals and stepping on the back straps, he felt inspired to create an entire fashion show in which models too, were stepping on the back straps of their sandals.


All through Fashion Week, the streets are roaming with fashionistas parading their most stylish outfits, men effortlessly dressed up to the nines, and a myriad of people who have no connection to the event, but who want to display their sense of style.

It is not uncommon for snapshots captured on the street to launch an acting career, or even one as a professional photographer. Photographer Bill Cunningham started his career by randomly photographing Greta Garbo, whom he did not recognise at the time as being a famous actress. For years, his column in The New York Times, titled „On the Street”, has been a must-read for not only fashion lovers, but anyone interested to take a look at snapshots of random stylish people.


What street style snapshots also do is launch modelling careers. Supermodels of international fame, such as Petra Nemcova, are often scouted by modelling agencies thanks to photos taken on the streets.

Aside from providing sources of inspiration for photographers, designers and fashionistas, street style snapshots also have the purpose of reminding us that style, as well as good taste, is everywhere, be it outside a glamorous fashion show during Fashion Week, or in the park, on the body of someone lazily walking their dog.

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