April 12, 2013

Steal Beauty Secrets From Women All Around The World

What woman doesn’t dream of a luminous tan like that of Brazilian girls, a flawless complexion just like one of a Geisha and a perfect skin just like that of the Egyptians? You can have them all, by stealing a few beauty secrets of women from all across the world:


In Singapore, women use coconut oil to make their hair shine. The power of this oil is so great, that it’s promoted in local beauty magazines alongside high end beauty products. A few drops on the ends of your hair are enough to protect from humidity, hydrate, as well as providing amazing shine. Moreover, the delicious smell will relax you, making you dream about sunny beaches on far-away lands.

In Estonia, women have an ingenious morning ritual: before applying their makeup, they rub an ice cube all over their face to wake up their complexion and also tone it.

In Japan, sake is not only a beverage that is consumed on a daily basis, but also an ingredient that may be added to bathwater, in order to enjoy a relaxing bath with tremendous benefits for the skin.


In Egypt, milk baths have been a beauty ritual ever since ancient times, when Cleopatra used to have them to preserve her beauty. This is definitely not a myth. All you need to do in order to get soft, flawless skin, is to pour two cups of powdered milk into your bathwater and enjoy the pampering.

In Greece, when they don’t happen to have any lotion on hand, women rub the dry spots on their hands with the inside of a orange peel. After a few short seconds of stinging, you too will see the amazing results.

In Costa Rica, a mix of equal parts orange juice and water is used to both temporarily minimise pores, as well as to treat skin discoloration.


In Mexico, a crafty technique is used when a lash curler is not available. Hold a teaspoon horizontally next to your eyelid, in such a way that it covers the eye, while the base of the spoon sits just above the base of your upper lid. Then, lightly press the lashes against the spoon with your fingers, until they are curled.

In Brazil, the land of perfect and perpetual tan, the easiest solution to deal with a sunburn that stings is to have an oatmeal bath. Simply put a handful of oatmeal in a fabric pouch and then attach it to the tap, to that water can be filtered through it as is fills the tub. Don’t forget to apply a repairing after sun lotion after you get out of the bath!

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Photos courtesy of: stylesaint.com, iwanttobeabattaglia.com, invogueoneday.blogspot.com