March 18, 2013

Spring Shopping: Net-A-Porter Will Launch Beauty Segment


What would a super stylish outfit mean in the absence of an impeccable makeup accompanying it, to make it stand out?

If you’re a girl that craves a complete shopping experience, in the form of a single place where you can find the perfect outfit you’re looking for, as well as the beauty products that complement it, you’ll be happy to learn, along with us, that Net-A-Porter, one of our favourite online shopping destinations (and yours too, we bet), will be adding, starting with March 20th, a beauty segment to its product selection. You will have plenty to choose from, out of countless makeup and hair styling products, creams, moisturisers, nail polishes and fragrances, to add the final touches to any outfit.

The Net-A-Porter beauty segment will include famous top-of-the-line international brands, along with a series of exclusive, hard to find ones, such as Chantecaille, Aesop, 3 LAB, Beauty Works West, Philip B, Ilia, Joya, James Read, or Le Métier de Beauté, so that you can discover the crème-de-la-crème of the beauty industry, all in one destination.

Prepare your credit card, because spring is the perfect time for a renewal of your makeup bag, and with such an irresistible selection, the temptation is high!

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