July 24, 2013

Janina Nectara, Chiara Ferragni And The Armani Clutch – Spotted By The Trend Hunters

Like a true fashion devotée, I spend quite a lot of my time browsing the web in search for new style inspiration, and this morning, a couple of familiar faces caught my eye. Janina Nectara, the creator of our super cute blog, and Chiara Ferragni (The Blonde Salad) were the two faces that were smiling widely at me from WSGN’s Tumblr page.

 Janina Chiara WGSN wgsn.tumblr.com-tagged-street shots

Janina and Chiara have been photographed by the trend hunters of WSGN, the world’s leading fashion trend forecasting agency, which, season after season, analyses and reports to the entire world, the latest and hottest fashion trends. The predictions and analysis provided by WSGN are incredibly accurate and forecasted in the most professional of manners – brands like Diesel, Tommy Hilfiger and Guess are amongst its clients, and WSGN is also an official partner of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

Feel like you’d give anything to be spotted by the trend hunters as well? It’s that simple, I promise – All you have to do is follow a few simple style rules and make sure to add a personal touch of creativity to each outfit.

The easiest way to make yourself stand out is to accessorise. A chic clutch bag, an oversize piece of jewelry or a pair of sensational shoes have the magical ability to provide that extra ”oomph” to any ordinary outfit, transforming it into a style statement.

If an oversize necklace, for instance, or, say, a pair of sandals embellished with feathers, call for a certain dose of courage to be worn on the street, courage which you might not yet be able to muster (although I warmly recommend that you be daring enough to do it!), there is an accessory which is guaranteed to work wonders anytime – the clutch bag.

 Janina Chiara WGSN wgsn.tumblr.com-tagged-street shots armani bag

My favourite pick for this season is the Armani clutch bag, which you can admire in Janina’s arms in the photos snapped at Milano Fashion Week.

The stunning Emporio Armani clutch has been snapped by style hunters and featured in renowned publications such as Vogue UK, Elle China, New York Magazine, Vogue Australia, Vogue Germany and Vogue China. With such an impressive track record, it’s no wonder that it’s rapidly becoming the summer’s IT accessory.

I can assure you – the Armani clutch will instantly become your secret weapon for creating a cool & stylish outfit at any time of the day. The supple black leather, classic and elegant, perfectly blends with the sheen of the peliculised croc skin, creating a stunningly beautiful contrast. Also, the medium size of the clutch means that it can flatter any type of figure, be it tall or petite. By far, the season’s best buy.


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Photos courtesy of: wsgn.tumblr.com