August 4, 2015

Specialists confirm it: shopping therapy really does work

Shopping can be therapeutic. Studies and psychologists confirm the very idea, deep down inside, we’ve always been sure of.

>>> embracing a new situation

Be it a new challenge or, in fact, a great joy, for managing a smooth transition into the unfamiliar time is needed – for reaching an adequate mental state of readiness, as well as adjusting to the new coordinates. In this sense, shopping can be useful through the actual equipping with the necessary for successfully tackling and even embracing of the new stage, but, most of all, as an opportunity to visualize this very near future in a relaxed context, while naturally making associations with the objects we think might prove useful. Solutions and new routines are, this way, taking shape organically, and the I am ready for this feeling is, for sure, a diminishing factor for the anxiety perceived before anything unsettling or new.

>>> gearing up for success

Without touching on the old controversy of Judging a book by its cover, supporting this beneficial side of shopping is the need for an adequate look for a recent promotion, the in-laws’ anniversary or the first time skiing. A research described in The Journal of Experimental Social Psychology having tested individuals for their capacity to focus and their level of concentration found that those having performed the test wearing white doctor’s coats have consistently outperformed those without any special clothing. We can only wonder…

>>> beauty brings joy

Beyond vane obsessions with possessions or luxury, objects beautiful in the eye of the beholder can amount to a true artistic experience. It could be a woman’s loving of the way a certain fabric feels against her skin, of how colours and patterns go together, or a man’s fascination with the intricacies of a watch mechanism. And this type of joy is even more noble as it finds inspiration in truly practical items.

>>> a furtive escape

The most craved for escape from the constraints and automatisms of every day living is the sometimes only annual leave for a holiday – an event that is eagerly anticipated and then often recalled and glorified. But what surrogate alternative is there for a drop of holiday atmosphere? Shopping. Studies have shown that the complete immersion into a relaxing activity (no multitasking!) has positive effects not only during those moments of pleasure and losing of one’s bearings, but also spins off into finding unexpected solutions for daunting problems, as well as improving the results of all subsequent activities.

>>> social contact

Shopping, carrying so many advantages and bearing so very many dependencies, is a deeply social activity – to its core – but also as a means of more fully and happily becoming an integral part of the world we live in. Differences are made when measuring it in terms of quantity and quality, as, for that matter, any other thing in life.

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