April 4, 2013

Soon, You’ll Be Able To ID Clothes And Accessories Onscreen, With The New Shazam Fashion Tracker App


Until no so long ago, if you happened to hear a song you loved, you’d have to Google the lyrics, or, even worse, browse through various blogs and radio playlists to find it. That is, until Shazam came along, allowing us to identify any song in no time, with a single click on our smartphones.

Recently, the American-based company has announced the imminent launch of a truly innovative feature – Soon, you’ll be able to ID clothes and accessories of the characters in your favourite TV series or even the cast of your favourite show, with a simple click. Along with the recently launched concept car that has the ability to ID and purchase clothes and accessories spotted on pedestrians, the new Shazam app is sure to revolutionise fashionistas’ lives.


The company’s goal with this project is, according to Shazam CEO Andrew Fisher’s declaration for The Guardian, to promote the concept of brand engagement. ”We make it easier for consumers to engage with a brand or a piece of content they are interested in, without having to go through search engines, then mining the results.”, he stated.

The Shazam fashion tracker is part of a much larger scale merchandising project, which allows users to obtain information regarding TV shows, including cast trivia, soundtrack and details about products featured in the show, that can be purchased.

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Photos courtesy of: idealo.at, thingsyouremember.blogg.se