January 21, 2013

Some little girls dream about becoming brides, but Saks Fifth Avenue is every woman’s dream

Should you be dreaming about choosing your wedding gown on Fifth Avenue, what could be better news than the one that Saks Fifth Avenue is also shipping around the world? Yet, the wedding dresses are only available in the Saks salons.

Saks Fifth Avenue

Still, Saint Valentine’s is only a month away, and if you have a feeling about an engagement ring coming your way, you can, for now, start to at least get a sense of what the offer for men’s formal wear is. It will anyway take a few weeks for you to decide what you want him to wear.

But should Valentine’s Day be really magical, you might be popped the question, say… tomorrow, and together spend Valentine’s in New York or Beverly Hills, in order for you to pick your dress directly from Saks!

Or maybe you’ll decide for Palm Beach instead. I switched the address, I know, but 5% of the February sales at Saks Palm Beach are to be donated to a charitable organisation of the client’s choice – the Loggerhead Marinelife Center, the Maltz Jupiter Theatre or the  American Red Cross of the Palm Beaches.

And what could be more magical than you and him saving a few turtles at the beginning of your life together, even if, in the end, you’ll only be buying a pair of great slippers? You will definitely be having a great story to tell your children.

But I got a little carried away!

Saks Fifth Avenue

Saks Fifth Avenue was opened, between 49th and 50th Street, in 1924, and the online store became available in 2000.

It today has approximately 15 000 employees and 46 stores in 22 American states. Saks Incorporated is listed at the New York Stock Exchange.


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