June 6, 2013

Snow White. Classic knitwear for fresh summer evenings

The Row

On the Wall Street Journal New Classics list high among the best is this marvellous oversized sweater from The Row. Not only do I fully agree, but the superb knit got me thinking about a chilly sunset seen from in front of a mountain cabin, when the torrid day has faded into an evening warmed by a bonfire.

And I am almost sure that the designers at Gucci and Ralph Lauren had similar moments of bewildered daydreaming as well. Warm pullovers and ponchos, in the right context, can be among the most sought after summer essentials. And the exquisitely beautiful The Row or Diane von Furstenberg knitwear truly are genuine collectables.

Diane von Furstenberg

Diane von Furstenberg, at Far Fetch, EUR 311.2

Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney, at Saks Fifth Avenue, USD 1 210

Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang, at My Theresa, USD 408

Gucci Viaggio

Gucci Viaggio, at The Corner, USD 1 650

The Row

The Row, fall-winter 2013/2014

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren, at STYLE BOP, GBP 863

More ponchos, The Row pullovers or The Row designs, through Polyvore.


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Photo sources: The Row, Far Fetch, Saks Fifth Avenue, My Theresa, The Corner, STYLE BOP