June 7, 2012

A Myriad Shoes And Clothes In Celebrities’ Closets

They own breathtaking couture, more pairs of shoes than anyone can count and they have entire rooms in their luxurious mansions solely dedicated to depositing them in style. Sneak a peek into some of the most glamorous closets of a few Hollywood celebrities:

Christina Aguilera can pride herself on owning not one, but two separate rooms dedicated to holding her outfits and accessories, in her luxurious Los Angeles home. The first one is exclusively dedicated to her collection of shoes, which the artist likes to meticulously arrange by designer, while the second one holds a myriad of jeans, jackets, skirts and gowns, along with an endless cascade of breathtaking jewelry.


Olivia Wilde turned the guest house of her California home into a walk-in closet, which also doubles as a working space for the actress. The centerpiece of the room is a decadent vanity table from 19th century South of France, flanked by two mirror chests.


Jessica Alba passionately loves her shoes and hats, so she had a special place designed for them, which almost resembles the display of a luxury store. The entire design of the actress’ closet was created so that it would perfectly match the rustic atmosphere of her house.


Miley Cyrus‘ closet was especially designed so that it would match the young actress/singer’s style and age. At only 19, Miley owns an impressive collection of designer outfits, along with a cascade of extravagant accessories, including shoes labeled Blahnik, Jimmy Choo or Louboutin, as well as feather boas and vintage roller skates.


Before marrying actor Josh Duhamel, Fergie‘s stuff allegedly used to rest on the floor in messy piles, but now, the artist can pride herself on owning a lust-worthy closet. The two had to knock down a wall in their house to make room for what is now called „Fergieland” – a closet with a boudoir-boutique feel, designed by Fergie herself.


Eva Longoria has a jealousy-inducing 133-square-foot closet in her Los Angeles home. Along with her comfortable attire (which includes over 50 pairs of jeans and as many Ugg boots), lie the actress’ red carpet stunners, her Hermès bags and her Louboutin shoes.


Paris’ older, but not necessarily less famous sister, Nicky Hilton, has a fabulous closet in her Sunset Strip home dedicated to holding her collection of couture clothes and accessories, organised by designer (which includes a stunning array of Manolo shoes, Chanel bags, Louboutin sandals and Cavalli dresses).


Kimora Lee Simmons, head of clothes and accessories line Baby Phat, can pride herself on having one of the most fabulous celebrity closets, resembling a luxury boutique, more than a regular wardrobe. More than 500 pairs of jeans, 25 custom-made Hermès Birkin bags, as well as an extensive collection of extravagant jewelry pieces rest within the luxurious room, decorated in pink and leopard print. Kimora’s closet also has marble pillars, a mini-bar, a couple of flat screen TVs, and acts as her sanctuary. And this is not all! The majority of the celebrity’s clothes are not even in there, but rest within multiple closets scattered along her mansion.


Kim’s younger sister, Khloe Kardashian, who is not only a star of the famous reality show “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”, but also has her own show, along with husband Lamar Odom, has every fashionista’s dream closet. Along with a room full of outfits signed by the world’s most sought-after designers, Khloe also has an entire space dedicated to shoes, which are meticulously organised by designer.

100-square-foot closets, custom Birkins, hundreds of pairs of designer shoes and twice as many breathtaking couture gowns… Who wouldn’t want to be a celebrity?!

Photos courtesy of: apartmenttherapy.com, instyle.com