May 13, 2013

Smart Tips To Help You Quit Smoking

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90% of lung cancer cases in men and 80% in women are being caused by smoking, and this isn’t by far the only risk that you’re exposing your body to when you smoke. Smokers are six times more likely to have a heart attack at some point during their lives, while tobacco-related cancer can be developed not only at a pulmonary level, but may also affect the esophagus, the mouth, the nasal cavity, the stomach, the pancreas, the kidneys and even the cervix.

If statistics concerning life expectancy in smokers haven’t convinced you to quit, maybe you’ll be more convinced by the fact that smoking has devastating effects on your skin, having the potential of making you look up to 20 years older than your actual age!

The good news? People who manage to quit smoking by the age of 35, are able to reclaim approximately 10 years of their lives. The sooner you quit smoking, the more your life expectancy grows, so have a look at the few tips we’ve gathered to help you forgo cigarettes once and for all:


>> Smoking is considered by health experts to be a chronic illness, so it’s possible that you may need professional help. Your doctor can prescribe you a special treatment that can help your body gradually adjust to the lack of nicotine, by establishing the optimum dose of medication that you need.

>> Foods with a high fiber content are not only healthy, but also create a sensation of fullness that will make you less likely to reach of a cigarette.

>> Physical exercise, in any form (aerobics, yoga, Pilates, cycling, swimming – take your pick) not only reduces tobacco craving, but withdrawal symptoms as well, so hurry up and renew your gym membership, or grab a buddy and go pedaling/swimming/running, each time you feel like lighting a cigarette.

>> Don’t even think about replacing cigarettes with candy, which you might have heard helps curb nicotine cravings – you don’t want to replace a bad habit with another! Instead, try chewing sugarfree gum, which, unlike cigarettes, will leave your breath super fresh, or try snacking on healthy treats, making sure that you choose the crunchy kind, so that your fat-free diet is benefited along with your your tobacco-free one. Celery, apple slices, carrot sticks or a handful of almonds make delicious alternatives that will fight away both your nicotine and your cookie cravings. (Bonus! A study conducted by Duke University has shown that consuming fruit and vegetables makes cigarettes taste bad!)


>> Don’t keep an ”emergency pack”. It’s much too tempting. If you have to get dressed and go out at 2 A.M. in order to get a cigarette, at least you’ll have time to reconsider.

>> Set a specific date to completely quit smoking and post a timeline with your progress on Facebook or Twitter. Encouragement from your friends, as well as the idea of being publicly shamed for not keeping your promise, are very good motivators.

>> Gather allies. You’ll be far more motivated to quit smoking if you’re not alone in this endeavour. Moreover, if your friends are non-smokers, you’ll be less likely to want to light up every time you guys go out.

>> Replace classic cigarettes with their much more stylish alternatives, which also happen to be much less of a health risk: electronic cigars. Steal the spotlight by adding a chic accessory to your outfit – e-cigs come in slim and colourful cases, adaptable to any look, and make sure to get an elegant electronic pipe for your guy as well, which will instantly provide him with a refined allure.

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