October 23, 2012

Small works of art, to protect you from rain

Pasotti umbrellas are not only practical, but also romantic and versatile. With their sumptuous or playful design, painted in trompe l’oeil effect, from fine but resistant materials, with handles carved or from crystal, Pasotti umbrellas are small works of art.



All are created in limited editions, in Castellucchio Italian town, in a small and stylish workshop. The company was founded half a century ago (1956), by Ernesta Pasotti, who began to produce unique umbrellas, which he personally delivered on its scooter. Today, the brand is owned by Eva Giacomini, Pasotti’s daughter.

The company produces about 30,000 umbrellas a year, and focuses on great designs that transform any umbrella in a collectible piece. In Romania Pasotti umbrellas can be find at Createur 5 d Emotions, in Bucharest.

Photos: Pasotti Pr Office