September 5, 2012

Simple Tricks For Masking Cellulite

Even if it’s almost time to bid farewell to summer, this does not mean that for the next six moths, you’re to hide your beautiful legs under heaps of fabric, especially when designers have prepared a myriad alternatives to the shorts and skirts that you’ve worn all summer, so that you can keep looking sexy throughout the cold season.

To ensure that the unsightly cellulite doesn’t ruin your sex-appeal, try a few simple tricks:

>> When choosing cellulite creams or serums, make sure that the ingredients include caffeine and hyaluronic acid, two elements that have been found of great help when it comes to masking cellulite, for up to 8 hours after being applied onto the skin.

>> Apply creams and serums with a special massaging tool, instead of using your hands. The massage ensures that the formula better penetrates your skin.

>> If you plan on using bronzer, start by applying a coat over problem areas, finishing with a bronzing spray all over your body, The extra coat will make the end result look more natural, and the cellulite will barely be visible.

>> Use a powerful scrub during every shower, along with a special massaging glove for problem areas on your body. Remember that massage is cellulite’s greatest enemy.

>> This old trick used for making legs appear longer and slimmer works wonders when it comes to drawing attention away from the areas you’d rather people not focus their attention on: apply a thin line of illuminating powder along the middle of your legs, from ankles to thighs, for a sexy, shimmery look.

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