May 29, 2013

Timeless Pieces For A Chic Wardrobe – The Signature Collection By Saint Laurent


Have you ever found yourself wondering how is it that some women seem to look chic and flawless all the time, without giving the impression that they’ve put any particular effort into it? The answer is simple: the secret to the perfect wardrobe is investing in a series of basic, timeless key-pieces, which will allow you to create a stylish look at any given time, and which may then be alternated with statement pieces dictated by the current season’s trends.

Investing in a series of key-pieces which will become the basis of your wardrobe is an essential move. Also, it is highly important that you choose quality over quantity. A white silk shirt, for instance, can be worn and mixed in any way, composing a myriad looks. So can a pair of classic black pumps. Even if the price is a bit high, the investment in what will become the foundation of your wardrobe, is worth every cent. After all, what would you prefer – a beautiful silk shirt that envelopes your figure in the most delicate of ways, or ten regular shirts which either rip, tear or shrink after just a few washes? A leather jacket which you can either pair with a casual look, such as skinny trousers and a cool T-shirt or with a glamorous one, by nonchalantly throwing it over a maxi silk gown, or would you rather go for a fake leather jacket that will be ruined once the first drop of rain hits its surface?

Use your head when it comes to investing in your wardrobe and your appearance is guaranteed to be the most stylish in any crowd, at any time. Our suggestion? Go for the new Signature Saint Laurent collection, introduced by Heidi Slimane, the house’s new creative director.




Slimane has selected a series of classic pieces, perfectly mirroring the label’s DNA – Le Smoking jackets, crêpe de Chine blouses, black pumps, motorcycle jackets, classic-cut coats – transforming them into a permanent collection, which can be from now on purchased at any time in Saint Laurent stores, along with the brand’s current collections.




The campaign for the Signature Saint Laurent collection was shot by Slimane himself, and the star of it is model Freja Beha Erichsen. Discover the Saint Laurent Signature pieces both in-store, as well as online, and feel free to indulge in what will most definitely become your closet’s pièces de résistance.

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