April 25, 2013

Should You Bid Farewell To Your Favourite Bra?


A study conducted at the Besançon University in France, has caused quite a stir all around the world, due to its findings: Wearing a bra constantly leads to loss in firmness of the chest muscles, causing breast sagging over time.

Almost instantly, women started picking sides: On one side, there are the ones who maintain that bras have become an essential part of the feminine wardrobe precisely for their important role in supporting breasts, and on the other, there are the women who have joined the trend of going bra-less, saying that this makes them breather easier, have less or no back pain, and overall, feel more liberated.

The phenomenon tends to be reminiscent of the Sixties, when, as a symbol of feminine liberation from the oppressing patriarchal society, women used to burn bras out on the streets, in support of the feminist movement.

The study conducted by the Besançon University, which featured 330 women aged 18 to 35, has shown that wearing a bra on a regular basis has negative effects in the long run, both anatomically, as well as psychologically. During the research, it was shown that women who go bra-less even have the chance to develop a firmer bust, due to the fact that the chest muscles develop in such a way that they end up supporting themselves. According to measurements, the nipples of women who forgo bras have the tendency to rise by 7 mm per year.

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Dr Stafford Broumand, a plastic surgeon at the prestigious Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York, is on board with this theory, stating that it is indeed true that the absence of a bra at a young age(18 to 30), stimulates production of collagen, an essential substance for skin elasticity. Moreover, he says that the tension on the connective tissue and ligaments supporting the breast can be beneficial to prevent sagging.

Dr. Broumand however warns that the opposite effect can be expected on women that are older, whose bodies no longer have the ability of producing enough collagen to support breast tissue. Thus, he advises women over the age of 35 to wear a bra.

Does this all mean that you should bid farewell to all your favourite bras? Not at all! The study only targets constant use of a bra, so feel free to indulge in wearing the most sensual lingerie in the bedroom…after all, even if the study proves to be on the right track, it’s not like you’ll be wearing the bra for more than a few minutes.

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