December 20, 2012

Shopping Of The Future: Mannequins That Watch You While You Shop


Imagine being in an upscale boutique, perusing the clothes and accessories that gleam and sparkle before your eyes and….you somehow bizarrely feel like you’re being watched. Not by the helpful staff, but by…mannequins. It sounds like a creepy scene from a horror movie, when the already scary painting hanging over the mantel suddenly sprouts a pair of eyes that follow you across the room, doesn’t it? You can relax, for as long as you stay away from haunted mansions and choose instead to spend your day in a high fashion store, everything is not as creepy as it seems.

Italian mannequin producer Almax SpA has developed and launched a line of mannequins that are able to ”watch” the public, via a camera embedded in their eye, in order to provide data about customers, a possibility previously available only to online stores.


Tall and svelte, posing just like any other mannequin from a high fashion store window display, the EyeSee models use the same technology as airports do to identify criminals. The cameras embedded in the mannequins’ eyes record specific data about customers and passers by, such as age, gender or race.

This innovative technology is considered to be extremely useful for retailers in their quest to learn as much as possible about their customers’ preferences. Even if such a device costs retailers a total of €4000, a series of shops whose names are kept secret for the public, have already adopted this technology, with another series of stores set to introduce the EyeSee mannequins soon into their window displays.

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