April 1, 2013

An Experimental Shoe Design Exhibition Showcases The Most Eccentric Shoes In The World

You thought Lady Gaga’s shoes were over the top? If you happen to be in Liepzig, Germany, anytime from now until September 19th, don’t miss the opportunity to admire the most eccentric shoes collection, showcased at the Grassi Museum.

The Starker Auftritt: Experimentelles Schuh Design (Strong Step: Experimental Shoe Design) exhibition includes over 150 pairs of shoes created by more than a hundred world famous designers, and aims to showcase the manner in which the barriers of shoes design may be pushed over the limit, in order to achieve innovative and fascinating results.

From the ”Vampire Slayer” shoes, with wooden cross heels and garlic clove embellishments, created by Barbara Zucchi, to the ”Cowgirl” shoes in the form of cow hoofs with pistol heels, imagined by Iris Schieferstein, to the ”Banana” shoes created by Kobi Levi for Whoopi Goldberg, Sol Alonso’s ”Broom” shoes featuring miniature brooms, Lauren Johnstone’s ”Cutlery” sandals made out of real cutlery, or the ”Mojito” sole-less shoes created by Julian Hakes, you’ll be amazed by a variety of styles, one more extravagant and more imaginative than the other.








Grassi Museum Shows Radical Shoe Designs Exhibition

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Photos courtesy of: Getty Images via google.com, dnn-online.de, 1800recycling.com, mnn.com