April 16, 2015

Shine bright like a diamond: Boucheron jewelry – diamonds, gold and history!

Boucheron presents the enriching of its Quatre collection with new pieces of jewelry.

Launched in 2005, it is part of the new generation of haute joaillerie excellence of the House. It is, in fact, a lot about a chain of references back to symbols rooted in the illustrious history of Boucheron the same way Frédéric Boucheron’s early creations befitted the exceptional context of their time as shown at the Expositions Universelles just as much as they would today, at the most innovative joaillerie fair in the world.

These earrings featuring 117 diamonds totaling 0.88 carats set in white gold or the diamonds and yellow gold necklace are part of the Quatre Radiant edition. Next to Quatre Classique, Quatre White and Quatre Black it makes up a series of contemporary Boucheron jewels. Jewels that adorn the new wave of royalty, the one of our times – on the red carpet of the Golden Globes, the Oscars or the Festival de Cannes. And jewels that, as it was already to be expected, send us back 150 years, at the opening of the first jeweler’s boutique in Place Vendôme and to what are being called ’’the royal years’’.


They say Frédéric Boucheron chose the building of the former Nocé Hôtel Particulier in Place Vendôme no 26 fascinated by its location so as to be bathed by the sun’s rays throughout the day. Fascinated by this fortunate coincidence as well as by the tremendous potential for brilliance that solar light was to bestow onto the diamonds in his shop’s window.

This is just one of the extraordinary stories, just one of the moments of grace that have, over the decades, cast their spotlight onto Boucheron and his jewelry.

In February 1876, the future Czar Alexander III of Russia and his wife Maria Féodorovna were buying from Boucheron a pink diamonds chain watch. In 1894, the Czarina to be Alexandra was receiving from Czar Nicolai II a pearls and diamonds tiara. In 1900, King Leopold II of Belgium was the first man to order a wristwatch.

And in 1928 the Maharaja of Patiala was making the most valuable (and astounding) special order ever seen by Place Vendôme. He was bringing to Boucheron 6 boxes full of gems to have them shape his treasure into 149 pieces of jewelry. From among the rare pieces the Boucheron artisans were supposed to work with? 7 571 diamonds and 1 432 emeralds.

Closely connected to the Maison’s destiny are more resounding names: Edith Piaf, Sarah Bernhardt, Joan Crawford, even Andy Warhol and the Shah of Iran Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. The latter invited Louis Boucheron come and appraise Iran’s imperial treasury. What is known about this process is that it took several months and that Boucheron had to focus his expertise on, among others, a throne made entirely out of massive gold and a terrestrial globe holding 51 336 gemstones.

Yet not all of Boucheron’s remarkable stories have hiding behind the jewelry monarchs or international celebrities. Or maybe not necessarily as clients…

In 1887, at the Louvre, an auction was organized for the French Crown’s jewels – ’’the sale of the century’’. The only jeweler in the room to come from these treasures’ country of origin was Frédéric Boucheron. He was successful in buying 31 diamonds, among which the Mazarin diamonds – of 16, respectively 18 carats – as well as one of the jewels of Empress Eugenie. Its main gem was to be set into a ring for his own wife…

After all there’s no wonder Boucheron’s new jewelry is worthy of being celebrated like masterpieces or that the French jeweler’s annual sales amount to approximately 50 million dollars. They are made up of some of the most remarkable precious stones in the world, enormous prestige, as well as continents and centuries of history!

As not just Boucheron’s trajectory has been marked by legendary personalities. These personalities’ lives have also been marked by each of their respective Boucheron.



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Photos: Boucheron