August 16, 2012

“Sex diet “ and £66,000 a year, to look like Kim Kardashian

There is no doubt Kim Kardashian was given a beautiful body and face, and that she is totally aware of this.  She has made a career out of looking good, and admits spending a lot of time and money on pampering herself.

Recently, the Heat magazine revealed the fact that Kim gives away £5,500 on treatments every month, and spends over 180 hours taking care of her body and face. The 31-year-old is crazy about 24-carat gold facials, tequila body scrubs, anti-ageing glycolic face peels and weekly eyelash appointments. She goes to the gym every day, makes regular blasts of Fraxel cosmetic laser treatment for her complexion, and keeps her skin flawless with detoxifying mud wraps.

Kardashian recently admitted sex helped her loose seven pounds in seven days, but she also stays away from gluten, dairy and sugar. In order to keep herself eating right, she has all her food delivered in special freezer bags ready to refrigerate.