July 3, 2013

Sensors encrusted dresses that know you’re looking. Eye catching!

Ying Gao (no)where (now)here

Fashion is always shifting, surprising and again and again capable of catching our eye and directing our attention to the catwalks of the world. But, sometimes, the fascination goes even beyond the thrill of the most spectacular collections or the suspense of the turning of the trend from round toe to pointy toe shoes.

Haute couture is, obviously, design pushing for art. But the same creative realm sometimes gets stretched by designers to meet high tech technology. Canadian Ying Gao, for instance, mixes fashion with urban design, architecture and, most often, multimedia. Her works symbolize the deep changes in the world we live in and, sometimes, go back to the essential and, maybe, to the reasons of the human need to make ourselves beautiful.

The most recent of her adventures at the fringes of fashion and technology has meant the creation of two sheer dresses boasting eye-tracking sensors that detect, well yes!, when someone is looking at them. Made out of super-organza – the world’s lightest fabric – photo luminescent thread and plastic, Ying Gao’s dresses once activated by a gaze are programmed to start a dance reminiscent of the movement of jellyfish.

Absolutely remarkable! But for the two high fashion & tech dresses probably it will take a while to catch on as clubbing musts – can you imagine? – while they’re due to be exhibited in museums in Montreal, Toronto and Shanghai later this year.


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Photo source: Ying Gao