July 19, 2013

Sculpt Your Face Without A Scalpel! Learn How To Highlight, Contour And Create Optical Illusions With The Help Of Makeup!

Did you know that you can sculpt and chisel the shape of your face without resorting to the use of a scalpel? All the celebrities employ this makeup trick, so why not try it on yourself? Play with the colour in your makeup palette to create highlights, shadows and amazing optical illusions. No, you don’t necessarily need a makeup artist’s help to do this. Just make sure to carefully follow our guide:


>> Start by determining the undertones of your skin, so that you can know which contouring shades to use. For skin with warm undertones, use a beige highlighter and for cool undertones, use a bone-coloured highlighter. To create shadows, a dark brown works for all skin tones. Make sure it’s a matte brown though. For highlighting, you may use a formula featuring a light shimmer, to give it extra oomph, but only for nighttime makeup.

>> Use the dark contouring shade to define your features, camouflaging certain areas in order to let others shine. With a medium round brush, apply diagonal lines under the cheekbones, starting by the ears and working your way down to the level of the jawline.

>> Use the dark contouring shade at the base of your nose, encircling the base of your nostrils with thin lines. Use a thin round brush to do this.

>> To make your nose look slimmer, take a thin brush and apply the dark contouring shade along each side of the nose bone, extending the lines upwards, towards the eyelids.

>> To create the illusion of a feminine jaw with softer lines, take a medium-sized brush and apply the dark makeup shade just under the jaw bones, on both sides of your face (never go along or over the bones, the shadows need to form below!). If your jawline is more pronounced, you may extend the application towards your chin, but make sure the shadows are created under your jawline.

>> Sculpt your forehead by applying the dark makeup shade with a thick brush, along each of your temples, blending it well into your hairline.

>> Use the lighter, highlighting shade, to bring light onto your face. Apply it with a round thick brush on the middle of your chin, along your cheekbones, working your way down towards the lips, and under your eyes as well.

>> Use a thin round brush to apply the light makeup shade right under your eyebrows, in the V-shape over your upper lip, as well as along the centre of your nose, starting from the forehead and heading down to the tip of the nose.

>> Don’t forget to blend your makeup very well, in order to get a natural-looking effect. Even if it’s subtle, the contouring will have a great impact on your features, sculpting your face and making you look fresh & young!


Kim Kardashian is a true pro when it comes to makeup contouring. Let yourself be inspired by her techniques:



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Photos courtesy of: kimkardashian.celebuzz.com, scandalousbeautyonline.com