November 27, 2012

Royalty-inspired fragrances for men

Buying a fragrance is never easy, but when it comes to buying a men’s fragrance, it seems even harder. Have you ever thought about trying fragrances that have a history, and were used by some of the most powerful men, like Napoleon Bonaparte? Here are tree out of the box fragrances, if you want to treat your men like a royalty.

Fougère Royale is the first “fougère” perfume ever created, which completely revolutionized the world of perfumes, putting the base of modern perfumery. It is created in 1882, by Houbigant, a perfumer who initiated the women from Versailles in the art of using fragrances to seduce men. Napoleon III and Empress Eugenie were loyal to Houbigant perfumes, as well as writers Lev Tolstoi and Guy de Maupassant.

Fougère Royale opens with an aromatic citrus blend, blends into a delightful bouquet of Mediterranean herbs, revealed through rich geranium nuances and warm spices, sensual patchouli and tonka beans.

It costs $170, and you can buy it from

The House of Creed was an official fragrance supplier to the Royal London household, but also to all the courts of Europe. Napoléon III, Empress Eugénie of France, Franz-Joseph and Elizabeth of Austro-Hungary, Queen Christina of Spain, were just some of the aristocrats that appreciated Creed’s perfumes.


Royal English Leather is the first fragrance created by Creed, ordered by King George III in 1781. Since then, it became a classic for both men and women. Creed was the king’s glove maker and he scented the king’s gloves with Royal English Leather. The king loved the scented gloves so much he asked Creed to make it a personal perfume. The fragrance features an ambergris core, a leather and sandalwood base, and top notes of mandarin and bergamot.

You can find it at, at $175.


Français Rancé was Napoleon Bonaparte’s favorite perfumer. At the beginning of 1600s, the Rancé family produced perfumed gloves for the French aristocracy in Grasse (France), but soon, Français realized he wouls like to create fragrances.



Le Vainqueur is a perfume created especially for Napoleon, in 1795. Nowadays, it still smells almost the same, just that Jeanne Sandra Rancé, his granddaughter who succeeded him, revived it with some exquisite ingredients. You will find this woody aromatic scent delightful, with its top notes of nutmeg, ginger, citruses and watermelon, middle notes of lavender and geranium, on a bed of amber and musk.

You can buy it from, priced at $120.