October 9, 2013

Rouge Ecstasy for (en)chanting lips

A new rocking Armani lipstick is out and no matter how many times I replayed the video, I didn’t quite manage to catch the rhythm. But Rouge Ecstasy sure enough was quick in sticking to my soul and having me snapping ideas to the swift beat of the Armani lips… What shades should I choose? Am I happier about the velvety feel it ecstatically covers your lips with or about the intense, ultra-luminous rouge? Should I wear it with an Armani tailored suit, with a cocktail dress or should I give in and try it with… nothing else on?

Anyway, lipstick sure is one of my favourite things, and even if I don’t seem able to learn to beatbox no matter how enthusiastic I am about the tutorial, I can always break into song like Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music… soft moisturised lips and sensual colour, Rouge Ecstasy and Armani I holler, these are a few of my favourite things

Well, only with a little less of a voice and little bit more of rouge enthusiasm, mind you 🙂

Armani Rouge EcstasyArmani Rouge Ecstasy


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Photo source: Armani