October 14, 2011

Roses and diamonds, Dior’s recurring tune for Haute Joaillerie

Le rideau tombé for the Dior show, the guests moved to the garden of the Museé Rodin.

We seemed to be walking past the “Gates of Hell” – Rodin’s famous sculpture – because, from behind a hedge, we entered a room darker than hell itself. While desperately groping for a small tag reading “Exit”, a colored explosion of gemstones shone like a saving light both on me and on the wall across, showing me the right way to go, not to the eternal salvation from fashion’s passions, but towards the sinful nurture of my appetite for sapphires, diamonds, quartz, rubies, emeralds, tourmalines – to a bench in the front of the screen.

Inlaid in massive necklaces, rings and earrings, the collection “Le Bal de Roses” made a reproduction in minute detail of Christian Dior’s favorite flowers – roses.

Even the sepals, the receptacle and the pistil of the flower were faithfully executed in rare gems. I could have sworn that I would have had my nose pollen-painted, had I come any closer to the anthers carved in yellow gold, recreated perfectly true to the original by the strategic disposition of tiny diamonds.

Such intricate artifacts metamorphosed into massive rings, circling around the finger through a knotty stem, full of diamond thorns and emerald leaves.

Nothing was left out of the picture, not even the morning dew softly resting on the velvety opal petals, which won me over, I admit it here and now, as a huge fan of the designer Victoire de Castellane!

Victoire’s works are real masterpieces and I can’t help wondering what kind of ring this lady may be offered by a potential suitor.
One thing is sure: I wouldn’t want to be him. That would be quite a challenge!