July 17, 2012

Roberto Cavalli Introduces The Summer’s Most Stylish Cocktail

It’s a hot summer night, you’re at a fabulous party by the poolside, you have your chic and carefully-chosen bikini under your super-glam party dress and you’re having fun with your friends. Everything about you screams style, so why not coordinate your drink with your clothes and attitude? This summer, try the most stylish party drink – The Roberto Cavalli Cocktail!

A delicious drink with a strong flavour, granted by the use of the sophisticated Roberto Cavalli Vodka, the first vodka ever to be produced in Italy. Inspired and dedicated to the sexy woman who is the iconic, eternal muse for Cavalli style, the Roberto Cavalli Vodka is made using spring water from the foot of Monte Rosa and the best qualities of wheat grown in the valleys where the south-western Alps meet the Po river, with the result being “like fire and water coming together in a single element”, as Cavalli puts it himself.

Expertly mixed with a bit of Triple Sec, liquid sugar and just a hint of lemon juice, the Roberto Cavalli Vodka becomes an elegant cocktail, perfect for sipping by the pool or at a hot date.

Try it yourself and see Roberto Cavalli prepare his own cocktail by himself here:

Photos courtesy of: fashionasithappens.com, Roberto Cavalli PR Office