February 29, 2012

Roberto Cavalli by Franck Muller, the new luxury watches

The prestigious Italian Roberto Cavalli fashion house and Swiss luxury watches leader Franck Muller have signed a partnership promising to forge the creative forces of the two for producing designer high technology watches, starting this month.

The precious timepieces are due to be distributed through the two houses’ boutiques, as well as in high end retailers from around the world, from the fall of 2012. They will be available in three different ranges, varying by features and, of course, by price: the entry range series between EUR 1 250 and 3 000, the core series from EUR 3 000 to 6 000, while the image series is set to sell pieces of over EUR 6 000, according to Luxurious Magazine.

The Cavalli empire boasts a history of over 40 years while proudly and elegantly taking the made in Italy brand all over the world. The group creates innovative and remarkable quality design for clothes, accessories or even swimwear.

Franck Muller was founded as comparatively recently as 1991, and yet, thanks to the great craftsmanship and ingenuity of its clock makers, has come to gain over 50 patents, next to an enviable international reputation.

Without a doubt, the experience and refinement the two partners share is going to make them create remarkable high fashion and high horologerie watches.

Photo sources: barcelona-deluxe.com, hautetime.com