October 7, 2013

Robert Pattinson is the Dior man, and Dior Homme is the fragrance of my dreams

If there is out there a male figure with the personality, presence and charisma required for embodying a Dior fragrance, which, quintessentially Dior, has the spirit of a new generation classic, then it must be Robert Pattinson!

And about Pattinson we could very well say it all through just one look. While about Dior Homme it’s enough mentioning it is an essence with deep powdery, woody tones culminating with resolutely masculine, luxurious iris. In fact, a description somehow reminiscent of Pattinson. But, let’s admit it, they’re all mere pretexts… We already knew we adore him and we’ve always known we adore Dior. At least I did…

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Photo source: Dior