April 16, 2013

Roadkill Couture – A Collection That PETA Can Sign Off On


The incidents implying PETA members camping in front of Fashion Week tents in order to ambush guests and throw red paint over their fur coats, symbolising the bloodshed suffered by animals in the name of fashion, have become legendary, but the new exhibition at the White Gallery in London, featuring creations by artist Jess Eaton, won’t be making the black list of any animal protection organisation, in spite of the fact that the outfits on display are made out of all-natural bones, pelts, feathers and furs.



Suggestively entitled ”Roadkill Couture”, the collection imagined by artist/designer Jess Eaton, celebrates the beauty of fauna and its long-lasting love affair with the fashion industry, promising eternal life to elements which otherwise would g to waste. The dark, dramatic pieces, include cat fur, raven or swan feathers and seagull wings, all coming from animals that were accidentally killed or that have died from natural causes.



This isn’t however the designer’s first stylistic adventure featuring 100% ecological animals, ”Roadkill Couture” being the second collection signed by Jess Eaton. The first one, which included a cape made from squirrels, a rat fur jacket and a hat with horse ears, caused intense controversy whet in was presented in 2011 during Brighton Fashion Week. The second collection, set to be on display at the White Gallery in London starting in May, along with a set of looks created especially for the event, has already captured the attention of the editors of LOVE magazine, being featured in its pages on the body of supermodel Kate Moss.

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Photos courtesy of: welovecreate.com, dailymail.co.uk, eatonnott.co.uk